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Anping County Comesh Filter Company founded in 2006 by Mr Zhang in Anping China which is located in the Famous Wire Mesh Cradleland in China and now is a leading manufacurer and supplier of high quality filtration media and offers the industry s broadest range of products Filtration for fine particles Filter media for gas and liquid filtration Filter bag and cage and cartridge and basket Filter elements on customer drawing Components from various metal wire mesh Expanded metal wire mesh Perforated plates and sheets of wire mesh Wide range specification of stainless steel wire mesh in stock Nylon and polyester screen mesh disc or plate Good cutting edge no breakaway monofilament Fabricated...

Categories and Products


Stainless Steel Tray

304 Stainless Steel Perforated Drying Tray Perforated Aluminum Alloy Curved Edge Baking Tray Metal Stamping Stainless Steel Perforated Drying Tray Perforated Stainless Steel Drying Food Tray 201 304 Stainless Steel Grill Drying Tray Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel Filtering Tray Perdurable Stainless Steel Punched Drying Tray Perdurable Stainless Steel Perforated Metal Trays Stainless Steel Perforated Metal Dehydrator Trays 304 Stainless Steel Perforated Medical Trays Square Hole Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Tray Perforated Stainless Steel Dehydrator Tray Perforated Stainless Steel Round Hole Drying Tray 304 Stainless Steel Perforated Filtering Tray Professional Stainless Steel Punched Metal Tray Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Perforated Tray Perforated Stainless Steel Food Drying Tray Food Grade Stainless Steel Perforated Baking Tray Stainless Steel Metal Mesh Food Industry Tray 304 Stainless Steel Punched Metal Mesh Tray 

Perforated Tray

Stainless Steel Hot Perforated Baking Tray Heat resistance metal perforated baking tray Stainless Steel perforated dehydration tray Stainless Steel perforated dehydration drying tray Stainless Steel perforated fruit drying tray 60*40cm stainless steel perforated trays for drying fruit 64x45cm Stainless Steel Mesh Metal Perforated Drying Tray 18*26*1 stainless steel perforated fruit drying tray 

Filter Tray

304 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Filtering Tray 316 Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh Trays Food Grade 60 Mesh SUS304 Filtering Trays Best Sales Stainless Steel Serving Filters Tray Stainless Steel Filter Netting Wire Mesh Tray Stainless Steel Punched Screen Filtering Trays 304 Stainless Steel Filter Punching Metal Tray 


Brewing Basket

Stainless steel wine brewing equipment filter bucket Heavy duty 316L stainless steel brewing bucket Stainless steel round strainer brewing bucket 300 micron Stainless steel wine filter bucket 304 stainless steel perforated filter bucket Stainless steel beer filter brewing hop bucket Brand new brewing metal buckets Homebrew stainless steel mesh filter basket bucket 400 micron homebrew stainless steel brewing bucket Stainless steel cylinder strainer filter bucket 

Wire Mesh Basket

304 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Bread Basket Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Sterilization Basket Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Storage Basket Food Grade Stainless Steel Storage Bread Basket Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Storage Fruit Basket Kitchen Stainless Steel Cooking Metal Wire Basket High Quality Stainless Steel Welded Wire Basket Metal Kitchen Cooking Wire Mesh Basket Best Sales Kitchen Storage Stainless Steel Baskets Professional Wire Mesh Storage Basket With Handles High quality stainless steel basket with handle High quality stainless steel basket (Factory) 316 stainless steel wire mesh basket Medical welded Mesh basket disinfect basket Welded rectangle metal wire mesh basket Inconel heat treat Stainless steel baskets Factory supply bulk wire mesh basket Wholesale Customized wire mesh basket AISI Stainless steel medical storage wire basket Metal wire mesh kitchen cooking basket 

Filter Basket

304 Stainless Steel Kitchen Foldable Frying Basket Professional Stainless Steel Deep Frying Basket Stainless Steel Chef Frying Basket For European 201 Stainless Steel Kitchen Cooking Foldable Basket 201 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Chef Frying Basket 304 Stainless Steel French Chef Frying Basket 304 Stainless Steel Collapsible Wire Frying Basket Professional Stainless Steel Foldable Kitchen Frying Basket Kitchen Mini Fry Basket For Deep Fat Fryer Round Stainless Steel Tiny French Fry Basket 23x11 Stainless Steel Frying Chef Basket Mini 304 Stainless Steel French Fries Basket 201 Stainless Steel French Fries Basket 304 stainless steel basket for wine brewing 

Filter Disc

High Temperature Resistance Filter Disc

304 Stainless Steel Filter Mesh Screen Disk 316 Stainless Steel Liquid Filter Mesh Discs Closed Edge SS Sieve Mesh Filter Disc Stainless Steel Coffee Mesh Filter Discs Stainless Steel Bound Circular Filter Disk Stainless Steel Spin Pack Coffee Filter Discs Stainless Steel Edge Covering Coffee Filter Disc 304 Stainless Steel Bound Edge Filter Disk Stainless Steel Plain Framed Filter Mesh Disc Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Filter Disk High Precision Stainless Steel Mesh Disc Filter 38mm stainless steel filter discs with edge 56mm 200 micron stainless steel filter discs 56 mm Stainless steel liquid filter disc 200 micron Stainless steel liquid filter disc 200micron Stainless Steel Coffee Filter Disc 25micron stainless steel reusable filter disc 5 micron 304 Stainless steel filter discs 180 micron stainless steel filter discs 100micron 304 Stainless Steel Filter Discs 

Micron Filter Disc

120Micron Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Filter Discs 100 Micron SS Sintered Metal Filter Disc 316 Stainless Steel Sintering Filter Disc High precision 38mm stainless steel filter disc Stainless Steel Bound Coffee Filter Discs 120 Micron Wire Mesh Coffee Filter Disc Corrosion Resistance SS Bound Coffee Filter Discs 300 Mesh Woven Round Coffee Filter Disc 60um Stainless Steel Mesh Coffee Filter Disc 3 Layers Curcular SS Screen Filter Disc 5Micron Stainless Steel Filter Disc For Coffee Stainless Steel Sintered Porous Metal Filter Disc Bound Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Filter Disc Sintered Closed Edge Extruded Filter Disc Stainless Steel Round Small Metal Filter Discs Food Grade Sintered Stainless Steel Filter Disc Sintered Stainless Steel 304 Filter Disc Stainless Steel 316 Sintering Filter Disc 304 Stainless Steel Sintered Porous Filter Disc Flat Stainless Steel Round Water Filter Disc 

Stainless Steel Coffee Filter Disc

304 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Coffee Filter Discs Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Filter Disc Sintered 304 316 Stainless Steel Filter Discs Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Bound Coffee Filter Disc 56mm Stainless Steel Bound Coffee Filter Disc 304 Stainless Steel Woven Coffee Filter Disc 304 Stainless Steel Coffee Filter Discs Assembly Sintered Stainless Steel Power Filter Disc 3.7inch Stainless steel coffee filter discs Stainless steel super fine filter disc 9cm Stainless Steel Woven Coffee Filter Disc 10cm Stainless Steel Coffee Filter Disc Stainless Steel Mesh Coffee Maker Filter Disc Stainless Steel Mesh Liquid Filter Disc 

Safety Gloves

Stainless Steel Safety Cutting Gloves

Stainless steel safety gloves Stainless steel security protective gloves Anti cut stainless steel working safety gloves Cut resistance stainless steel gloves for butcher Cut resistant gloves stainless steel butcher gloves Chain link stainless steel butcher gloves Durable stainless steel working safety gloves Stainless steel chain mail ring safety gloves 304L Stainless steel mesh butcher gloves FDA Food Grade Stainless Steel Safety Gloves High Strength Food Grade Metal Safety Gloves CE Certification Stainless Steel Work Gloves FDA Stainless Steel 304L Safety Work Gloves M anti cut stainless steel working safety gloves L Size stainless steel working safety gloves XL size stainless steel working safety gloves Chain link stainless steel butcher hand gloves Stainless Steel Cut Resistant Hand Gloves 304L Durable Stainless Steel Working Safety Gloves Cut resistant stainless steel mesh butcher gloves 

Stainless Steel Butcher Gloves

Stainless steel butcher safety gloves 

Stainless Steel Protective Gloves

Stainless steel protective safety gloves 

Filter Element

Stainless Steel Filter Element

25 Micron Stainless Steel Filter Screen Tube 304 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Filter Cylinder Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Screen Filter Cylinder Stainless Steel Perforated Filtering Tube Food Grade Perforated Stainless Steel Filter Cylinders Stainless Steel Powder Porous Sintered Filter Tube 120Micron Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Filter Tube Perforated 304 Stainless Steel Spiral Filter Tube Stainless Steel Pellet Smoker Perforated Filter Tube 300um Sintered Stainless Steel Filter Tube Welded Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Filter Tube Spot Welding 304 Stainless Steel Filter Tube Stainless Steel Perforated Metal Mesh Filter Tubes 200Micron Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Filter Tube Stainless Steel Filter Water Well Screen Tube Stainless Steel Filter Wire Mesh Screen Tube Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Cylinder Filter Tube 316Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Screen Filter Tube Stainless Steel Knitted Wire Mesh Filter Tubes Eco-friendly Stainless Steel Coffee Mesh Cylinder 

Micron Filter Element

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Filter Strainer 50 micron stainless steel air strainer pipes 

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Stainless Steel Filter Wire Mesh

Standard Stainless steel wire mesh for filter 304 Stainless steel filter wire mesh screen 316 Stainless steel filter wire mesh High quality stainless steel filter cloth Stainless steel wire mesh grid Stainless steel filter wire grid 6*8 inch chainmail scrubber Stainless Steel Cast Iron Cleaner Stainless Steel Chainmail Scrubber / Cast Iron Cleaner 

Stainless Steel Micron Wire Mesh

400Micron Stainless Steel Oil Filter Wire mesh 300 Micron 316 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh 

Stainless Steel Crimped Wire Mesh

Stainless Steel Crimped Wire Mesh 

Mine Sieving Mesh

Metal Steel Mine Sieving Mesh

Metal Decorative mine sieving mesh High Tensile Mine Sieving Wire Screen Mesh Stainless Steel Hooked Woven Wire Screen Mesh Professional Wedge Wire Screen Mine Sieving Mesh 

Stainless Steel Mine Sieving Mesh

Metal 65Mn Steel Mining Sieving Wire Mesh Stainless Steel Mine Sieving Mesh Stainless Steel Mine Sieving Crimped Wire Mesh Stainless Steel Mine Sieving Wedge Wire Screen Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Mine Sieve Mesh Stainless steel mine sieve and mine mesh 

Test Sieve

Standard Sieve

High precision Stainless steel woven filter sieve Food grade stainless steel filter test sieves 304 stainless steel laboratory standard sieves Durable 10 micron stainless steel filter sieve 300 Micron Stainless Steel Laboratory Filter Sieve 5-600 micron stainless steel filter sieves 5 Micron Stainless Steel Laboratory filter sieve 10 micron stainless steel filter sieves Durable 75 micron stainless steel sieve Food grade round stainless steel sieve Professional stainless steel micron filter sieve Customized standard micron stainless steel test sieve 304/316 stainless steel wire mesh colander sieves Different opening size Woven wire test sieve High precision 80 micron stainless steel sieves Different size stainless steel standard testing sieve AISI 150 micron stainless steel filter sieves 200 micron 304 Stainless steel filter sieve Sand Lab Standard 45 Micron Test Sieve 316 Stainless Steel Standard Test lab Sieve 

Testing Sieve

100 Micron Stainless Steel Lab Test Sieve Food Grade Stainless Steel Mesh Testing Sieves Stainless Steel Standard 45 Micron Test Sieve 1 Micron Stainless Steel Laboratory Sieves 

Conveyor Belt

Stainless Steel Spiral Conveyor Belt

Stainless Steel Spiral Conveyor Belt Food industry stainless steel conveyor belt 316L stainless steel spiral conveyor belt Food processing stainless steel wire conveyor belt Durable Stainless Steel Chain Conveyor Belt Food grade Stainless Steel Spiral Conveyor Belt Stainless steel flat flex wire mesh conveyor belt 

Expanded Metal

Stainless Steel Expanded Metal

Professional Metal decorative wire mesh Aluminium decorative wire mesh Decoration net Metal powder coating exterior decorative panel Aluminum decorative perforated sheet metal panel High Quality Decorative Metal Perforated Sheet High quality aluminum decorative wire mesh Aluminum decorative mesh/wall panels Decoration Power Coating Expanded Metal Mesh Plastic Coating Metal Mesh Wire/Metal Decorative Mesh Decorative aluminum composite expanded wall panel Decorative interior exterior aluminum Expanded Wall Panels Exterior aluminum Expanded Metal Mesh Wall Panels Wall decorative aluminum mesh panel Aluminium decorative diamond hole screen Metal powder coating decorative perforated panel 7"x 7" Inch Stainless Steel Chainmail Scrubber 

Expanded Mesh

Plastic Coating Metal Decorative Mesh Aluminum decorative wall panels mesh Durable Aluminum decorative wall panels 

Nylon Wire Mesh

Micron Nylon Wire Mesh

Nylon Wire Mesh Filter Disc For Airfilter 

Nylon Filter Mesh Disc

Durable 425um Nylon Wire Mesh Filter Disc 

Polyester Screen Printing Mesh

Polyester Screen Printing Mesh / Bolting Cloth 

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